Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Valerie Park Distro

The Bad news:

We've had to cancel one too many artswalks lately because of general over commitment to basic survival
The Good news:  We will do artswalk at the end of January which will be our official two year anniversary.  Think Party.  Big Party
We're also pround to annouce our partnership with local upcoming Ms. Valerie Park Distro
New Distro! by raccoon collective.
This is a new (small-ish, humble-ish) Olympia-based distro. It's CD's, zines, tapes, vinyl, and handmade things from local (mostly Oly, Seattle, Portland) folk. Check it: Everything's real cheap and more stuff is getting added all the time, so keep comin' back! Thanks to all who can support it and make it work for the artists involved.  Look for work by Raccoon collective member artist. Words.

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Beware we never hibernate!

Beware we never hibernate!
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